Sarah Gifs

Big Pen  White Daisy PigletBalloon
Plain Pen  Cat Mickey
Old Fashioned  Brown Colours Snowflakes
Fairy  Dolphins Wobbly
Grey Heart  Green Daisy Tiny
Joker  Hearts Star
Mouse  Lime Green Snail
Music  Multi Hearts Hearts
Pale Flower  Pale Blue Red
Pink Quill  Pale Hearts Rose

General Gifs

Happy Birthday Tweetie Hello Welcome Plane
Happy Birthday Sun Hi Tweety Welcometo
Happy Birthday Hi Welcome Eyes
MumPlain Pencil ByeBye Welcome Pen
MumDaisy CU Welcome Train
MumMouse GetWell Welcome Rabbit
MumFountainPen Thank You Rabbit Welcome Tube
MumTeddy Thank You Rose Welcome Spider
GetWellArtist Happy Birthday Mouse Welcome Black
Jane Mouse Sammy Thank You Dog
Jane Pot Grandma Belated Birthday
Happy Birthday Balloon 2 Happy Birthday Balloon 3 Happy Birthday Balloon
Happy Birthday Cake 2 Happy Birthday Cake 3 Happy Birthday Cake
Exploding Balloon Dragon Birthday

Midi Files

Happy Birthday 3 Anniversary Waltz Entertainer
Happy Birthday 4 Beautiful Dreamer Lord of the Dance
Happy Birthday 5 Congratulations No Place Like Home
Happy Birthday Edelweiss Rock Around the Clock
Waltzing Matilda Elite Syncopations Maple Leaf Rag
New Rag Claire de Lune He's a Jolly Good Fellow 
Brahams Lullaby  Amazing Grace  Oh Dear What.......
Silent Night Oh Little Town Jingle Bells
First Noel Angels from the Realms Deck the Halls
Grandma Chistmas Song Oh Christmas Tree Auld Lang Syne

Avators and .exe Programs

Gorgeous Blue Eyes Mickey Piglet
Purple Pansy Sarah Grey Dancer
Jubilee Love in the Mist GBE Yellow
Sarah Transparent St. John's Wort White Spirea
Sarah Liffey Transparent Sarah Bank Purple Kasapres
Sarahbankpink Cathyann Daisy
Aardvaak A Smaller Image.exe Digital Image Recovery
unFREEZ.exe Resize.exe BDSizer.exe

Christmas Gifs and Smilies

Angel Angel 2 Angel 3
Bells Candle Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree 2 Christmas Tree 3 Christmas Tree 4
Computer Santa Disco Ball Happy New Year
Ho Ho Ho Hopping Santa Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas 2 Merry Christmas 3 Merry Christmas 4
Mistletoe Kiss Mouse in Stocking Nativity
New Year New Year 2 New Year 3
New Year Flaming New Year Frosty New Year Party
New Year Clock Penguins Present
Pulling a Christmas Tree Reindeer Santa, Snowman Dance
Santa Santa 2 Santa Down Chimney
Santa Jack in a Box Santa on the Internet Santa Skating
Santa and Chimney Santa in the Fireplace Snowman
Snowman 2 Snowman Waves Snowshaker
Snowshaker 2 Star Star 2
Stocking Singing Smiley Smiley 2
Smiley 3 Smiley 4 Smiley 5
Smiley 6 Smiley 7 Smiley 8
Smiley 9 Smiley 10 Smiley 11
Smiley 12 Smiley Ho Smiley Rudolph
Snowman Dancing Santa Bopping GBE Xmas
Xmas Tree Sarah Ho Grandma got run over.......
Xmas Banner December11 AA Rudolph
Merry Christmas 5 2003 2003
2003 Santa Tape


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