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January to May

Aubretia in my front gaarden
Begonia Jo gave me for Easter
Orange polyanthus
Dark red begonia
Forsythia taken in the early evening
African Violet - What a lovely colour!
Miniature yellow rose
A tulip out of the same Mothers'Day flowers
A rose from my bouquet!
Flowers sent to me by my Son - aren't they beautiful!
Daffodils and Snowdrops in my garden
First winter cherry I have seen full out!
Difficult to take bright yellow pictures
The hellebores are coming up fast!
Hellebores - first sign of Spring!
Alium - purple sensation
Welsh Poppy 24th May
Red geum 3rd May
Primula Denticulata
Flowering Currant March 28th
Miniature daffodils in the garden
Catkins on the corkscrew hazel tree
Purple helibore is now full out!
Crocus 28th February
Blue pansy 28th February
Hellebore bud
Purple crocus
Aconite 21st February
Crocus 21st February
The rose KT bought me and then photographed!
Helibore 2nd February
Snowdrops February 2nd
Early helibore - January
Pink Blossom 29th April
White Spirea 28th April
White Arabis 28th April
A garden taken on a walk