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Recent Pictures

It's tiring waiting for Santa!
Jane and Katie with a very big cake!
Christmas 2004
Toby at three months!
Taken from my front door!
Virginia Creeper on my house
What a party!!!
Brotherly love - let's hope it lasts!
Fast asleep - what a tiring morning I've had!!
About an hour after he was born!
Large truss of tomatoes in my greenhouse
Help yourselves!!!
Nasturtiums in my garden
Berry watching some cats on TV
Some cottages on the edge of the water
An old horse trough!
A view of one of the many bridges
Weeping willow overlooking the water
An old car outside the museum
A picturesque gable end!
one of the many eating places in Bourton on Water
Linseed field in the Cotswolds
iris in my water feature
blue geranium after a shower!
Rhododendrons at Sandringham
Norfolk church with a round tower
Looking up the creek and out to sea
Brancaster creek
Blue House in Brancaster Staithe
Rosa de la Hay - my first rose in flower!
I dont know the name of this!!
Watch out snails!
Stretch Limo
Very excited girls!
Champagne time!
Laura dressed for her Prom
The bluebells were going over!
An inlet on Rutland Water
How lucky to find this view!
Walking in Barnsdale Woods
Sheep standing her ground!
Berry reading the plaque
Peep between the trees
Dandelion clock
Close up of a white spirea
Welsh Poppy after a shower of rain